Maestrum Boost:
Tell It like It Biz

February 4th • 5th, 2017

A two-day seminar to enhance your business experience and give you a competitive edge in the legal field.

The practice of law can be exciting, exhausting, rewarding and terrifying, all at the same time. And one of the most challenging times for an up-and-coming lawyer is the moment when you have to go beyond your understanding of the law and become not just an excellent lawyer, but also a trusted advisor to your clients, a skilled communicator and negotiator, a knowledgeable business person, and a confident, inspirational leader.

How do you develop the skills that take you there? Of course you can try do it all by yourself; there are plenty of books, TED Talks and online courses on each of the major learning topics. But we believe there has to be an easier and more structured way to get there.
We looked at and spoke with the top lawyers we admire; discussed with many of your peers and understood their needs & wants; analysed the topic with leadership and professional development experts. After a lot of research, we put together a series of structured, coherent, adaptable learning experiences to help you reach your development goals faster, with expert guidance, in a safe - but challenging - learning environment where you can experiment with and try on your new skills.


Selected Learning Outcomes

  • Structure written materials in a logical manner that guides the reader
  • Write clearly, concisely and accessibly
  • Adapt your writing style to target audience
  • Foresee future challenges and opportunities faced by your business partners
  • Understand the implications of economic, financial and political news for the market and for clients
  • How to understand the business of your clients or prospects and identify their needs

The Maestrum Boost seminar is the first premium educational experience purposefully built to help your journey from the energy of youth and promise of talent to the top of your profession.

The two-day Maestrum Boost seminar is specially tailored for lawyers – whether in private practice or in other legal professions - who are looking to enhance their managerial and business intelligence. Maestrum Boost will provide you with an essential “executive summary” of the key skills you will need on your path towards mastery of the legal career: we will help you become a better communicator and sharpen your understanding of the financial and strategic considerations that underpin critical decisions for any business – whether your own or your clients’ - and the ways you can influence those decisions.

The seminar is specifically built using the expertise and the best faculty of Maastricht School of Management (MSM) Romania, drawing on the acumen gathered while developing one of the best MBA programs in the region during the past 6 years.

Course Schedule

 Saturday, February 4th

9:00 – 12:00 Whereto from Legalese: Make Legal Writing Great Again | with Tara Skurtu

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break

13:00 – 17:00 Whereto from Legalese: Make Legal Writing Great Again | with Tara Skurtu

Sunday, February 5th

9:00 – 12:00  Business in the Global Arena | with Florin Ilie

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break

13:00 – 17:00 Business in the Global Arena | with Florin Ilie

Whereto from Legalese:
Make Legal Writing Great Again

Instructor: Tara Skurtu

As lawyers, we’re prone to writing in a specialized language that not everyone understand– the often-decried “legalese” that comes easily to us, but can be hard on readers, especially on those with no legal background. The bad news is that this category includes most of the people you want to reach: clients, potential clients, editors and readers of business journals. The good news is that you don’t have to be stuck inside the legalese box: in this day-long creative workshop we’ll explore ways in which your writing—whether it be a memo, email, due diligence report, article, or blog—can become clear, efficient, accessible, and engaging.

Tara will guide you through a series of creative exercises that focus on how to craft your ideas into an interesting logic that flows and guides the reader, how to adapt your writing to target specific audiences, and how to edit and revise those messy first drafts. You’ll leave with tools and strategies to use on your personal path to creative business writing–at work and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Structure written materials in a logical manner that guides the reader
  • Write clearly, concisely and accessibly
  • Adapt your writing style to target audience

Tara Skurtu was born in Key West, Florida, is a Boston-based poet and translator currently living in Romania, where she is a 2015-17 Fulbright lecturer at Transilvania University of Brașov and is translating contemporary Romanian poetry.

She holds her MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University, and a double degree in English and Spanish from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Before her Fulbright, Tara taught at Boston University; she was a lecturer in the Creative Writing Department, taught composition to incarcerated students through BU’s Prison Education Program, and served on the planning and teaching team for Robert Pinsky’s 2014 MOOC, “The Art of Poetry.”


Business in the Global Arena

Instructor: Florin Ilie

A look behind the curtains into (1) the implication of economic, political and financial events, and (2) the inner financial, commercial and operational workings of your corporate or financial institution clients. Understanding (1) and (2) – and, most importantly, how they are linked –  will enable you to identify opportunities and create new business leads with your clients and prospects.

Learning Outcomes

How to read and interpret economic, financial and political news in order to:

  • Understand what their implications would be for the market and for clients
  • Foresee future challenges and opportunities faced by your business partners

How to understand the business of your clients or prospects and identify their needs:

  • How do players in various industries/sector actually work and make money?
  • How do various news and events impact their activity and performance?
  • What do they need to adjust, change or do in reaction to current events?
  • Where would they need you in this process?

Florin Ilie is Director, Co-Head of Financial Markets, Head of Financial Markets Sales for ING Bank in Romania. He has been with ING since 2004 and was Head of Equity Markets prior to the current assignment.

Since 1998, Florin has worked in banking, academia, consultancy and diplomacy. He is a graduate of Harvard University (Master in Public Administration, specializing in Financial Markets & Analysis, 2002-2004), the University of Manchester (Master in Economic and Social Studies, specializing in European Politics & Policy, with Distinction, 2000-2001) and the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (PhD in international economics, 2007; advanced studies in European integration, 1998-1999; BA in International Business, 1994-1998). Florin also studied various topics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Universidad de Alcala.


Registration and fees

The Maestrum Boost seminar has a registration limit of 15 participants; therefore, early registration is encouraged. Also, due to the enrolment capacity, registration is on a first come, first served basis.

The regular registration fee for the Maestrum Boost seminar is 300 euro, but, if you register by January 20th, you'll be able to pay a special Early Bird fee of 270 euro.

The fee covers:

  • Two day participation in the seminar,
  • Certificate of completion,
  • Lunches & coffee-breaks & drinks for all three days,

If you register in a group of two or more participants, each of you will receive a 10% discount. You can also receive a 10% discount if you participated in one of our focus group sessions, leading to the development of this seminar. The discounts are cumulative, so you can save up to 20% of the nominal registration fee.

Need more information?

Send your questions to Laura Lăzărescu ( or call (+4) 0758 818 158.

Who develops Maestrum



Alexandra Florea

A dual Romanian/UK-qualified attorney, Alexandra started working for ‘magic circle’ firm Linklaters in 2001 while still a law student and spent the first seven years of her career advising on and coordinating complex, high-value, cross-border M&A transactions. Keen to develop her business acumen, she then moved to the client side and became an investment manager with a private equity fund based in London. Alexandra returned to a legal career in 2010, as a private equity partner with CMS Cameron McKenna.


She now has two kids, one blog (, an Executive MBA (with distinction) from London Business School, and an unwavering belief that life is better when you keep learning.

Alexandra brings to Maestrum a thorough understanding of the development needs of young lawyers aspiring to the top of the profession when dealing with the mundane, tactical and strategic challenges they face every day. She complements this knowledge with her LBS EMBA perspective on what effective professional education should be like.

Alexandru Ghita

Alexandru Ghiță

President of the EDUCATIVA Group, Alexandru is an entrepreneur with 12+ years of start-up experience developing innovative social enterprises in the education space, including RIUF - the largest international university fair in Eastern Europe, EDMUNDO – a European top 5 educational counselling agency and The Entrepreneurship Academy – the first practical entrepreneurial university in Romania.


Previously, Alexandru spent a few years in the finance world as Financial Manager for a food production & retail chain and as Head of Research for a brokerage company. Alexandru has extensive experience with NGO development both in executive management roles and as a member in various NGO boards (Aspen Fellows Network, Coalition for Education, INSEAD Alumni Association Romania, ARDOR). In 2009 he graduated from the MBA programme at INSEAD (Fontainebleau & Singapore).

Alexandru started Maestrum after helping several lawyer friends with questions about various financial & fiscal nuances. On further analysis, he understood that the profession lacks a practical training program on matters that exceed the judicial aspects, but impact the business of legal firms and their clients. After helping thousands of young Romanians to find quality study abroad programs, Alexandru committed to building Maestrum as a program meant to help the advancement of young lawyers from “rough diamonds” into “brilliant stars” that master their game above and beyond standard expectations.

MSM Romania logo final_eb_3_0_0

Maastricht School of Management (MSM) Romania

Maastricht School of Management Romania offers a 20-month, very hands-on Executive MBA Program. Its mission is to create a sustainable society through its students and alumni, who are prepared to act as Change Agents. MSM actively focuses on innovation in education, on individual development and practical applicability, and its main differentiator is that it educates its students to think critically, to have interdisciplinary creativity – in a nutshell - to become leaders. MSM was founded in the Netherlands, its origins dating back to 1952, and has been delivering its EMBA program in Romania since 2010.


With more than 2.000 students annually graduating in more than 20 countries, MSM is the largest and most international business school in the Netherlands. MSM Romania is one of the Outreach Partners, and is currently at its 6th cohort of EMBA students. MSM works closely with a network of Romanian and international top professionals and academics and thus contributes the best instructors for Maestrum. The structure and content of Maestrum Boost benefit from MSM’s substantial expertise gained over the years spent with the development of one of the best MBA programs in Romania.

Program Manager:

Laura Lazarescu

Laura Lăzărescu

With six years’ experience in project management within the EDUCATIVA Group, Laura is a Law graduate who has proven skills in devising strategies, working with people, and leading large teams. She acquired business and financial knowledge through first-hand experience by running the Support Center for all the EDUCATIVA projects, organizing RIUF (Romanian International University Fair) and coordinating data research for, the online search engine that provides information for prospective (undergraduate and postgraduate) Romanian students.


Aiming to expand her "big picture" of commercial and business matters with a theoretical approach, Laura joined and successfully completed the Young Managers Programme offered by Maastricht School of Management Romania.

Laura’s work in NGOs (ARDOR, ARAS – Romanian Association Against AIDS, or the Center for Legal Resources) and in various legal projects helped her develop the managerial know-how and legal understanding necessary to lead Maestrum. Convinced that pursuing a complex level of knowledge through continuing education is the right way to succeed, Laura was inspired to respond to legal practitioners’ needs and take part in this unique programme.

As she finds her work with talented, experienced lawyers very rewarding, Laura wants to provide them with the right tools to advance to the next stage of their professional development.


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